We know we want to love again, just as we know we want to see the world, it’s whether or not we are willing to pay the price and pack up our bags. Because love isn’t some star that you make a wish on, it’s the fire in the ships belly, sending you out to sea. Love isn’t a bus, making its rounds until it picks you up, no, love is the wind in your lungs as you shout out your soul, hoping that someone will respond. Love is not a song that you suddenly hear, it’s the song that you have to practice in order to play.

Love is waiting, you just have to be willing to get it. So, I think I’ll take my bandages off, because I’m healed and I’d rather not be a patient anymore; I think I’m ready to go see what’s out there, let’s hope for smooth sailing, and stars by night, because it’s time to find a love worth fighting for.

T.B. LaBerge // Love Is (via tblaberge)

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